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The work we do is actually simple. We dream, paint, make it a reality.

Our desire is to design real works of art for you. Do you think that original and simple is the best in today's world where everything is ordinary?

It is our greatest dream to be a young and dynamic brand that works continuously while creating these wearable, unique and exclusive works of art.

This process, which we simply describe, is actually a long journey for every product. From special fabric, you will not find in Turkey and produced with special molds.

Whether it is modern art, vintage elements, or we shape and color a design that you want completely, we paint your dream just for you.

We approach our products like a canvas, we realize them using air brush or brush strokes according to their type, using completely hand workmanship.

Literally our unique products; We make parts from FELIX's wings ready to fly to reach you.

As FELIX design, our aim is to give you an experience beyond personal dressing with personalized art.